R.I.P. - 1988-2005


Recording Studio

Studio Dimensions:

16' x 16' Live room with carpeting
14' x 14' Control room with carpeting

Click here to see the whole live room
Multi-track Tape Formats:

Digidesign PRO TOOLS 002
Alesis A-Dat 20 bit 32 track with the BRC
Tascam MS -16 16 track 1" with or without noise reduction type 1
Tascam 38 8 track ½" with or without noise reduction type 1

Mixing Board and Accessories:

Allen Heath system 8 mixer (16x8x16x2) which is tie lined to two Mackie CS-1604 mixers for tape/computer mixdowns


Neumann U87 (2)
AKG 414 (2) and D12E
Shure 57 (6) and SM81 (2)
Sennheiser 421 (3)
Midi Equipment:

The MacIntosh Dual G4, OS 10.3, IIcx, with the Daystar accelerator 40 card, and the Mac iBook OS9.04 uses, LOGIC, MOTU Digital Performer and the Midi Time Piece to link up the Kawai MP 9000, Proteus 1XR, Yamaha TX81Z, Roland JV-880 and R-5 with the Drumkat and the Casio FZ10M Sampler

Click here to see the whole control room

Drums and Piano:

Drumset includes a 4 piece Pearl with
16x20 bass drum, 10x10, 10x12 and 14x14 toms

The acoustic piano is a Yamaha WX-7 51" upright












Additional Outboard Equipment:

Lexicon LXP-1 (2) with the MRC
Lexicon LXP-5
Lexicon MPX 500 Dual Reverb
Lexicon Reflex Midi Rerberation
Yamaha SPX-90
Ibanez SDR 1000
Ensoniq DP-4
Delta Lab 1024 (2)
Ashly Quad Gates (2)
DBX 160 (2), 163(2) compressors
Alesis 3630 stereo compressors (2)
Orban Parametric EQ
DOD R430 Graphic EQ
ART Tube VLA Stereo compressors (2)
ART Tube MPA Mic-pre
DA-30 Dat Recorder (2)
Sony Cassette Recorder TC-WE8335
Tascam CD-301 CD Player

Monitor Speakers:

Tannoy PBM 6.5 and Tannoy Arena (for live room playback)
Toa 312 ME and Auratone

Headphone System:

Furman HDS 6 Headphone Distribution System (w/5 remote units)
Furman HR2 remote system
Little Red Cue Box remote system